Storage and Backup enhancements


Create storage service levels and tiers simply with Abiquo

More storage options = more choice for customers

Abiquo v2.6 has a number of new enhancements to help Service Providers widen the storage solutions available to them. This capability helps improve margins and also offer new routes to market by empowering the Service Provider to create new service level tiers.

Abiquo’s customers have always liked our approach to storage and the way that it enabled self service storage for their customers or the ability to offer storage based services on top of the Abiquo platform.

Abiquo now provides NFS support for external storage and ensures that less expensive storage options become available to Service Providers who can now combine NFS storage with their iSCSI tiers to provide even more customer choice. In addition, Abiquo v2.6 supports ANY hypervisor data store that the hypervisor works with. (v2.6 now supports NFS based storage for external storage volumes and persistent virtual machines, whereas NFS has always been supported as a hypervisor datastore)


Simplify Customer Backups

Abiquo’s new backup feature, driven by customer demand, enables Service Providers to simplify and offer more self service functionality around backup solutions and services by delivering a consistent, simple, user interface for users to set backup schedules – no matter what the underlying technology. Providers have the choice to integrate either commodity hardware, or specialised vendor technology to create backup and storage service tiers to suit a variety of price points or service level agreements. It allows a Service provider to offer a choice of backup features to their customers and can be tailored to meet the requirements of their existing infrastructure or back up solutions.

Service Providers can restrict access to certain storage tiers to specific customers for a number of reasons, ensuring that customers only have access to specific resources and controls – allowing Service providers to create private storage resources, or shared premium storage for different customers.

Abiquo’s powerful API provides options for the Service Provider, creating additional automation/integration choices and enabling Service providers to build additional services on the Abiquo platform. Beyond V2.6 Abiquo is looking at using the API functionality to create out of the box integrations to backup solutions such as VEEAM backup and replication and Symantec Netbackup.



Simplify and present a single interface to manage and schedule backups

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