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Abiquo Videos

Watch how Abiquo’s hybrid cloud management software helps you and your end users manage cloud virtual machines, cloud application templates, cloud storage and users. We can even import existing virtual machines from your current private or public cloud, including Docker support too!

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Learn how you can deploy virtual machines in seconds with Abiquo. Check all about Abiquo's features at
Learn how to start, stop and pause a virtual machine in Abiquo. Check all about Abiquo's features at
Learn how to reconfigure a VM to add an extra disk in Abiquo. Check all about Abiquo's features at
Are you using vCloud Director but want to bring its features a step further? Connect vCD and Abiquo and get the most from your existing solution.
Abiquo horizontal autoscaling lets you configure how workloads are automatically added and removed based on a schedule, or monitoring information from your virtual machines, or application performance management data. You can use any Abiquo virtual machine as the base machine to clone and scale out - and it works on...
This video takes you through the main points of the Abiquo user interface, showing you the key features of how the Abiquo hybrid cloud platform can help you and your users to manage all their cloud resources. This video shows us managing Microsoft Azure resources, but Abiquo also lets you...
This video demonstrates the new virtual machine monitoring feature in the Abiquo cloud management platform. It's shown using VMs in Amazon Web Services, but it also can monitor machines in ESX and KVM, and will graph statistics from any source if fed data via a REST API call. For more...
Use Abiquo Action Plans to automate actions on your virtual machines including vertical and horizontal scaling, deploy, power operations, undeploy, copying disks to create a template, and sending emails. You can trigger action plans on schedule and using virtual machine metrics and APM data.
This demo shows how the Abiquo cloud management platform lets end users interact with the Chef configuration manager. This is shown with VMs running on ESX, but it also works with all Abiquo's supported hypervisors AND public clouds such as Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean.
With Abiquo's cloud management platform you can onboard existing hypervisors and virtual machines without interrupting service at all. Contact us through for more information.
This demo shows some Docker hosts being shared by multiple tenants using the Abiquo hybrid cloud platform. They get the same straightforward GUI, with multitenant networking, storage and template management. Contact us at to find out more!
Abiquo Virtual Appliance Specs enable IT teams to save blueprints of complex applications for quick and easy delivery to their users. Specs help providers to accelerate consumption and enable you to easily productize your internal architecture knowledge.
Abiquo is very pleased to announce the Abiquo NSX integration which enables you to provide self-service networks, and firewall and load balancer polices to your users while staying in control