Abiquo White Papers and Research

At Abiquo we understand the needs of our Service Provider and Enterprise customers. In these White Papers we’ve used our knowledge gained through working with leading service providers around the world to help with your understanding of the cloud market and the questions you’ll need to answer when you start planning your cloud service.


The 451 Take

Abiquo has navigated some twists and turns in corporate development, but is bedding down a technology stack in use at a creditable number of mid-tier managed service providers. As it builds out its management features and support for third-party clouds, Abiquo will become an interesting choice for firms that may be assessing other candidates.

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    Case Study - Fusion - MSP cloud

    Fusion Media Networks provides comprehensive services for end-to-end business communications solutions - from the latest voice and SIP solutions to managed security and virtual data centres.

    To remain competitive in this space, Fusion needed to offer a comprehensive cloud management solution for its existing client base and to attract new ones. With clients wanting to explore and reap the benefits of a range of cloud services, providing multiple hypervisor support is a key requirement, to enable management and control of hybrid cloud environments and realise real value. Initially Fusion was looking to offer support for the open source KVM hypervisor but also wanted an option for Hyper-V and VMWare capabilities.

    This case study covers the process by which they chose Abiquo as their partner for their journey to the cloud.

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    White Paper - Deploying SAP HANA with Abiquo

    Do you need a flexible way to deploy SAP HANA in a cloud while meeting all the requirements for SAP-compatible architecture? This white paper explains how the SAP criteria can be met with Abiquo's self-service cloud management solution.

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    Case Study - Virtual1 - Selling cloud through resellers

    Virtual1 is a leading wholesale network provider specialising in delivering bespoke cloud and connectivity solutions within the wholesale marketplace.

    The main cloud management platform requirement was the ability to have multiple brands on the same platform, with a security model that allowed Virtual1 to build a complex reseller/customer model. In addition, it needed a simplified interface that provided access to extensive functionality of the virtualisation layer with the ability to establish a hierarchy of access.

    This case study reviews Virtual1's requirements, why Abiquo was chosen and the results they achieved.

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    Case Study - Cari.net - Global Cloud Service since 2011

    CARI.net is a US-based semi-managed service provider with over ten years’ experience in delivering a variety of cloud and dedicated server products to small and medium sized businesses globally.

    Initially installed in 2011, Cari.net has long term real-world experience of Abiquo in large scale production.

    This case study explores Cari.net's requirements for a cloud management platform, their choice of Abiquo following an extensive evaluation, and the benefits they and their customers achieved.

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    White Paper - Creating and Implementing an Enterprise Cloud Strategy

    From the introduction:

    The purpose of this paper is to provide a framework of understanding around the use of cloud computing technology, and suggest a process to create and implement your own enterprise cloud strategy for your organization. We will focus on the creation of a cloud computing strategy that defines a sound cloud infrastructure management approach, and selection of the right enabling technology.

    Additionally, we’ll focus on the vision of cloud computing, or, how to understand the systemic value of this shift in IT, and how to drive more efficiency into your IT infrastructure over time. We’ll do this by walking through the process of creating a
    cloud computing strategic roadmap for your organization, or a plan that will ensure additional strategic IT efficiencies, using cloud computing as a strategic enabling technology.

    Written by David Linthicum of Blue Mountain Labs

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    White Paper - Monetising Cloud Services

    OK, cloud services are great, but how can you make a business from them? If you're a channel reseller with experience of hardware and operating system installation, or a hosting company with customers looking to make the transition to cloud, there are options for you.

    This white paper explores three options for building a business from cloud services, and aligning your business to your existing customer base to give you a head start. Abiquo's cloud management software has features specifically aimed at enabling different business models, so you don't have to be a Managed Service Provider already to add cloud services to your portfolio.

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    White Paper - 9 Challenges of Shadow IT in Public Clouds

    What challenges does your organisation face when employees use public cloud resources to go around IT processes? How can you get your organisation, help your customers' organisations to get back on track while taking advantage of the flexibility offered by the public cloud?

    This white paper reviews 9 challenges raised by "Shadow IT", and gives you tips and actions you can take to deal with them.

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    White Paper - Planning a Cloud Service

    What should you think about when you're planning your cloud service? Whether for external customers or internal departments, you'll need to think about the infrastructure you choose, billing or cross-charging and more. This white paper analyses the issues and gives you some tips on how to get planning for success!

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    White Paper - Abiquo Integration With NetApp Storage

    This white paper describes how Abiquo's hybrid cloud management platform integrates closely with NetApp to provide smooth self-service provision of iSCSI storage on a NetApp SAN.

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