Disaster Recovery as a Service with Zerto for vCenter


Abiquo 5.2 has introduced the new DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) feature.

Abiquo DRaaS provides self-service disaster recovery for Abiquo users, adding its first new integration with Zerto for vCenter.

DRaaS in Abiquo

Disaster Recovery allows people responsible for infrastructure to protect resources by having them continually replicated to another part of their infrastructure – which could be a different host, cluster, data centre, or cloud.

Having Disaster Recovery through Abiquo ensures your company the following benefits:

  • DRaaS makes your cloud management easier and enables your IT force to concentrate on core tasks. 
  • Permits an easy implementation of the standard DRaaS configuration of Zerto Protection Managers for vCenter.
  • Offers the chance to save money and gain protection over in-house Disaster Recovery programs.
  • Gives your company full access and control to secure all your cloud resources.

Abiquo DRaaS allows cloud administrators and MSPs to have their users access DR as a service. They don’t need to worry about how it works, or to access a different portal (which may not be multi-tenant) or ensure that they only have access to a limited set of functionalities. 

Making DRaaS available through Abiquo ensures users can treat DRaaS the same way as any other cloud function in the platform, such as deploying VMS, managing virtual networks, backups and so on. This means that companies who let their developers create virtual infrastructure (i.e. DevOps) can ensure that these critical resources are protected without needing to go into a traditional IT change process.

With Abiquo DRaaS, MSPs can get many advantages over in-house disaster recovery programs. Abiquo now makes it easier for MSPs to integrate disaster recovery systems into the multi-cloud platform, activate or deactivate DR protection for their VMs and price DR protection to include it in the cost estimates and billing for their customers.

The administrator can assign DR privileges to specific user roles and limit the number of VMs a tenant can protect.


Abiquo DRaaS - services integration


Abiquo 5.2 introduces new UI elements such as Protection Managers representing the Zerto Virtual Managers, which links protection managers with virtual datacenters in Abiquo.

There is a new button on the VM control panel to enable or disable VMs Disaster Recovery protection, which will save administrators a lot of time. Your VMs will be secured in one click! 

As part of the feature, in the backend, Abiquo creates Zerto Protection Groups and one Protection Group for the VMs in each Abiquo virtual appliance. 

All these features and data are all available in the API too.


Abiquo DRaaS_create protection manager

Read the complete release notes to learn all about Abiquo DRaaS on our wiki site.