Abiquo 6.1

More capabilities for MSP to make the difference 

As with every Abiquo release, new version 5.4 brings the latest advances and enhancements for you to get the most out of your multicloud platform. Improve management of private and public cloud resources thanks to new outstanding and more simplified features and cost control tools. In addition, now you can enlarge your cloud management capabilities with Abiquo 5.4.1, which adds an extra group of enhancements to the major version.


Abiquo 6.1

Improved multicloud billing/pricing management and moving XaaS to the next level

The latest version of Abiquo boosts your multicloud platform in FinOps with on-premise billing to dashboards, extra charges for enterprise products, and allowing MSPs to easily manage pricing and service delivery to their customers.

 For resellers Abiquo 6.1 brings easy white labeling in the Abiquo UI. We are all done with fiddly CSS changes because a new UI view enables resellers to configure their own theme, including their logo, and assign it to their domain!   

This release includes a new iteration on the unique XaaS platform. Abiquo 6.1 puts more DBaaS in XaaS, with the new Azure DB for MySQL service, and adds an exciting evolution  in the Office 365 service. Moreover, our new integrated service metrics capability will allow users to display service monitoring data in the UI, and use it in automation features.

Create Customer AWS and Azure Accounts
Create Customer AWS and Azure Accounts

On premise billing

Abiquo 6.1 introduces integrated on-premise billing for private cloud, replacing our current ad-on, improving the FinOps capabilities of the Abiquo multicloud platform. Your customers can now display their previous bills and estimated bill on the dashboard for private cloud, with a breakdown by usage categories. You can also use the on-premise billing data in budgets, with alerts that can notify and drive automation with action plans.

Abiquo 6.1 supports Backup GB for Veeam, obtaining the backup size from the backup system for billing. 

And Abiquo now stores a monthly pricing history so you can generate billing history with the historical prices, and you can even update prices during the current month. And resellers can easily generate billing for enterprises in their hierarchy.

New extra charges with cost codes

Abiquo helps you to price and bill your full range of cloud products and services with new extra charges types and units. Extra charges will only be visible to users with the appropriate permissions, but cost usage data will display on the dashboard as always.

Administrators can add extra charges for Enterprise products such as subscriptions directly in the Abiquo UI. This feature will enable administrators to charge directly in the user interface for custom billing usages that previously required extra configuration. 

Create Customer AWS and Azure Accounts
Create Customer AWS and Azure Accounts

Multiple price factors

Abiquo 6.1 gives you full control of markups in public and private cloud billing with Price factors. You can manage price factors on a new tab in the Pricing view of the UI, to assign price factors by enterprise, by reseller and customers, or by provider. You can apply price factors to providers, and for Microsoft products you can also create more specific price factors for product types and product IDs.

Create Customer AWS and Azure Accounts

Branding in the Abiquo UI with Themes management

In Abiquo 6.1, you can now whitelabel the Abiquo UI from within the UI itself, which will make branding of your mutlicloud platform so much easier for platform owners and especially for resellers. From the new Themes management tabs, you can create themes for the platform, for resellers and for subdomains. And you also test and apply branding changes from this tab with no CSS files required. And you can still use Abiquo CSS branding for advanced changes, such as landing screen adjustments and popup styling.

Create Customer AWS and Azure Accounts

Azure Database for MySQL

Launch your XaaS offering with Azure Database for MySQL as a service in your multicloud platform. With the newest of our range of sample services for Abiquo XaaS (Anything as a Service), your users can manage single server databases in your multicloud platform. And your administrators can preconfigure the deployment options to ensure it’s easy for users to deploy a database with approved versions and specifications using Azure compute credentials in Abiquo.

Create Customer AWS and Azure Accounts
Create Customer AWS and Azure Accounts

Service metrics for XaaS

To complete our database as s service integrations (DBaaS) in XaaS, Abiquo 6.1 introduces service metrics and monitoring. So you can now easily view metrics in the Abiquo UI for DB instances of Amazon RDS and Azure Database for MySQL. And you can easily create Abiquo alarms and alerts on metrics to trigger automation using action plans. The metrics for services are similar to VM metrics and monitoring and use the same Abiquo Watchtower server. (See Configure VM monitoring and metrics).

New public cloud regions and improvements

Abiquo 6.1 adds support for new AWS regions, including GovCloud regions in the USA, and new regions in Switzerland and southern Europe, and Asia Pacific and the Middle East. 

As Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) continues to grow, Abiquo 6.1 adds support for new regions and allows you to use an identity domain account per enterprise model.  But please note that Abiquo billing does not yet support this new model.