Cloud System Integrators

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System integrators (SI) bring together the skills, software, hardware and techniques to deliver its customers a complete customer solution and so cloud computing has become an additional service offering for them. Thanks to their expertise, cloud system integrators can assist in cloud migration and integration.

In order to cover their offer of business solutions to medium and large companies, Abiquo provides top cloud system integrators with a cloud platform that lets them have a specific cloud solution for each customer while getting the economy and speed of delivery of running all services on a unified cloud portal.

Abiquo helps top cloud system integrators in their aim to help companies to build up and implement a multi cloud strategy, as well as handle that integration of services.

What Abiquo offers Cloud System Integrators

  • Specific API for an easy integration
  • Enables low cost and “fast-track” implementations
  • Reduced system management
  • Deliver attractive and compelling services to speed the onboarding of new customers
  • Fewer support calls
  • Workload Automation
  • Lower total cost of ownership and speedier implementation
  • Fully Customisable, award winning Self-Service Portal
Cadmium, Abiquo’s New UI

Abiquo helps leverage complex hybrid cloud environments for competitive advantage, while simplifying workflow for cloud users. Top cloud system integrators all over the globe are getting real business benefits by offering new features and functionalities to their customers that are also helping them reach their company’s goals. Do you want to see Abiquo in action? Contact us today!

The Public Cloud Challenge

It’s almost certain that your Enterprise customers will be asking you about using Public Cloud providers – and if they’re not, they’re probably asking someone else, or using it already! Abiquo can help you to be a single, trusted supplier of all their cloud services, by blending Public and dedicated clouds into a single service offering. The Abiquo cloud management platform provides the controls you need to provide a blended cloud service that: – Gives your customers management and control over multiple clouds from one, easy to use interface – Addresses your customers’ concerns about “rogue” use of the public cloud – Leverages your investment in systems such as billing, service management and inventory – Stops your customers going elsewhere for their cloud services.

System Integrators using Abiquo