Wayra, Telefónica’s open innovation hub, and Nauta Capital have signed an agreement with Abiquo to invest in the hybrid cloud provider in order to help the development of Telefonica’s business units.

Abiquo has created the new hybrid cloud service offering for Telefónica, which will deliver a unified portal for multiple public and private clouds to their customers with additional unique features to further differentiate Telefonica’s cloud service.

Abiquo and Telefonica will deliver a unique portal for this hybrid cloud offering, adding value with cost visibility and optimization, reporting, unified billing and more.

The ability to manage multiple clouds, the customized features fitting big companies’ needs, as well as the ability to unify management and the flexibility to integrate with their systems have been key factors for Abiquo to gain Telefónica’s confidence for this project.

Wayra And Nauta Capital Invest in Abiquo
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