Abiquo hybrid cloud features

True Hybrid Cloud

Abiquo’s Hybrid Cloud Management solution is the foundation for a true hybrid cloud service. Managed service providers, ISPs and managed hosting providers can create a cloud service with their choices of compute, network and storage, and blend with the public cloud services that their customers demand. Enterprise CIOs can use the same great solution to become an internal service enabler, improving the agility of their businesses while retaining control.

Build your True Hybrid Cloud with your choice of VMware ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen Server and Oracle VM hypervisors, OpenStack and vCloud Director private clouds, and Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, SoftLayer, DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace, CloudSigma and Elastichosts public clouds. Add Docker hosts with the Abiquo agent to get true multi-tenant networking and security for your container environment.

Deep Integrations

Combine your choices of hypervisor, private cloud platform, Docker, public cloud provider, compute, network and storage resources to create a True Hybrid cloud platform for your business and customers to consume.

Abiquo provides your business with a unified, flexible, self-service hybrid cloud platform that manages, controls and automates the delivery of resources and services, managed and metered consistently no matter what underlying infrastructure you choose.

  • One place to deploy, control, measure and interact with hybrid clouds.
  • Covers dedicated hypervisors, Docker hosts and Public Cloud providers.
  • Create blended service offerings.

Inherent Security

Abiquo’s powerful, role based access control scope integrates with your existing Active Directory or other LDAP compliant services and is developed around the Spring Security Framework.

Over 50 privileges which can be grouped into defined roles and scopes which determine the areas that a role can control over your cloud resource. System-wide controls allow you to enable or disable features as you see fit, enabling you to build a differentiated service which meets your customers’ needs.

  • Roles define what a user can do.
  • Scopes define what a user can manage or access, such as a list of templates, tenants or infrastructure.
  • Combine these to create service offerings, reseller users or delegate control.
  • Use standard roles or define new ones.

Powerful API

The Abiquo API provides full control of all Abiquo functions. This means you can perform every function, from user and security control, to provisioning new VMs, to gathering information on any system element through the API – all controlled by the same privilege, roles and scopes security model. An example would be to integrate your order management system to automatically create Enterprises, Users and a Virtual Datacenter for a new customer, or to update capacity limits when a customer increases their order size.

  • REST API drives all functions – Abiquo’s GUI uses the API exclusively.
  • Outbound events drive external system activity.
  • Backup and Workflow APIs are part of the core API, use XML data structure for integration.
  • Combine inbound and outbound to add business value.

Develop hybrid cloud services

Build a unified catalogue of application blueprints and image templates and Abiquo converts between them on the fly, and lets you move between different datacenters and up to public clouds and OpenStack. Allow your customers to easily consume your service in a controlled, simple way. Drag-and-drop creation of new VMs and complete applications reduces the need for training and gets your sales team and your customers started in minutes!

Simplify your configuration management through powerful integration with Chef, cloud-init and guest customization. Build your own SaaS marketplace, appliances and service templates or add value to public cloud templates and set pricing levels across Public and Private clouds, applications and services and other resources within your hybrid cloud.

  • Deploy VM blueprints, VM templates and Containers from a managed service catalogue.
  • Reserve resources for tenants.
  • Manage network allocation.
  • Show “look forward” pricing.

The Control you need

Define who can access the system, what functions they can see and control, and with which tenants and physical infrastructure they can interact.

Over 50 privileges which can be grouped into defined roles and scopes which determine the areas that a role can control over your cloud resource. System-wide controls allow you to enable or disable features as you see fit, enabling you to build a differentiated service which meets your customers’ needs.

Abiquo’s Business process management encompasses both workflow and policy rules controls across cloud tenants, user or your own groups within your business. Controls such as allocation limits, dedicated resources, infrastructure overbooking, configuration management and service scopes can be defined, enabling your business to define and create a tiered approach to service delivery.

  • Set policies for resource usage
  • Tenants can set their own backup policies
  • Use workflow for tenant admin approval, or integrate to other systems
  • Set access rules to match team roles
  • Control usage with granular limits on multiple levels

Deep insight

Abiquo provides powerful usage metering on what users are doing across your hybrid cloud infrastructure. Examples of usage data include tracking usage of; vCPU, vRAM, storage, networking, template/images used and more, all tracked by the hour.

With extensive inbuilt billing support, aggregated ‘clean’ multiple streams of metered data can be consumed by 3rd party billing systems (Zuora, Aria, Ubersmith, CloudCruiser etc ) or can be provided through simple CSV exports or other RDBMS systems.

View pricing and chargeback models, supporting multiple price models/rate cards for different customers, currencies, or provide forward costs for your cloud consumers before they consume resources or services. Charge for all metered elements as well as standing charges.

Use cost code tracking of templates/images to track the cost of software licences and the usage of your virtual machine templates.

  • Meter on resource-hours or hardware profile use, template usage, storage tier and cloud/hypervisor type
  • Integrate to billing systems, or output CSV
  • Detailed system logs and metrics for custom billing parameters and usage measurement
  • Alerts when tenants approach limits (“soft limits”)

Easy to sell, easy to use

Abiquo’s award winning portal provides your business with a ‘shop window’ for your customers to access, control and consume your own cloud resources, and to leverage public cloud providers such as Amazon AWS.

Your customers get an easy to use one click cloud deployment solution that supports multiple brand labelling, enabling your business to exploit multiple reseller /VAR / Channels to sell your cloud services.

With management of pricing models, supporting multiple price models/rate cards for different customers and currencies, you can provide forward costs for your cloud consumers before they consume resources or services. Charge for all metered elements as well as standing charges.

Detailed reporting and statistics provide graphical data about the consumption of resources for your customers, or for your own purposes within your organisation. Scheduled reports can be sent directly to you and your customers, and they can access on-demand reporting and statistics in real time – Abiquo’s security model ensuring users and customers only see information relevant to them.

Why choose Abiquo to manage your cloud

A single platform to manage and control your entire private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructure


Our business is focused at helping your business make a success of the cloud marketplace. Our award-winning software wraps around your private and public virtualized infrastructure, enabling you to create a variety of services to offer to your customers.

Our quick start service gets you up and running with an IAAS service in days, which you can use as a basis for delivering managed hosting services and self-service IAAS with our easy-to-use interface, or any combination of the two.

Once you’re up and running, use our Enhancement Packs, RESTful API and other integration points to connect your Abiquo Cloud to your service desk, CMDB, billing system, customer portal, online shopfront, backup system and any other BSS or OSS system.

A number of leading service providers across the globe utilize the Abiquo Cloud Management platform to build, develop and operate their own public cloud services and many of them have themselves received industry awards for the innovative, flexible solutions they have developed around Abiquo.

Expand and monetize your services

Abiquo’s technology effectively removes the barriers in building, deploying and operating the cloud infrastructure. It is one of the only truly vendor agnostic offerings on the market, giving complete plug-and-play capability to end users.

This is crucial in an age and environment where differentiation of services is critical. New services are being developed everyday and Abiquo allows your business to quickly and effectively build cloud services for your customers offering them flexibility, choice and value.

Multiple service levels or solution tiers can be integrated, developed, controlled and managed through a single, powerful award winning interface, not only simplifying operations, but also in reducing support costs, ensuring that you can provide solutions to suit any budget.

Not only this, Abiquo promotes flexibility for its customers through the many white labelling capabilities, allowing you to truly own, brand and sell your cloud services, powered through Abiquo.

Automate everything through our API

With Abiquo your business can utilise the API functionality in order to integrate processes at the front end and outbound API’s to integrate with your businesses existing systems such as; finance, monitoring, support, CMDB and back-up.

In doing so, not only will your business be able to automate and control these processes via the API, any future processes can also be integrated within the API – providing your business the ease and flexibility to make technology decisions today that will not limit your business in the future.

The control you need

In any IT infrastructure control is important, not only to manage your resources but to understand where they allocated and who they can be accessed by.

With our unique “privileges, roles and scopes” approach to security you can delegate authority not just for managing tasks, but also restrict users and service desk staff to parts of your customer base, parts of your physical infrastructure, or to customers with defined service types.

We know you don’t have a neat hierarchy of support teams, but Abiquo’s flexible approach allows you to match your control to the support, skills and technologies within your real-world organisational model.

Maximise efficiency with Abiquo

The Abiquo simple installation means you will be up and running a day, causing little disruption to your IT organisation and the wider business.

There is no ‘rip and replace’ requirement – you can bring your existing virtualized infrastructure and services into Abiquo without the need to bring down services, remove management layers or change databases. You can bring them under the control of Abiquo at a pace that suits you and your business.

Our powerful award winning interface simplifies the way that both administrators and end users access your infrastructure and services. Both internal and customer support is simplified by using an intuitive, customizable, common interface that looks and works the same no matter what the underlying infrastructure.

Reserve and restrict access to parts of your infrastructure to specific teams across the business, providing you with infinite flexibility to serve up infrastructure and services the way your business demands.

Cloud Storage

Abiquo gives you a different number of ways for cloud storage.

Learn more

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